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Olive Oil
Extra Virgin
from Sierra
de Cádiz



Zahara de la Sierra

Cádiz · Andalucía · España

EVOO Oleum viride

Extra virgin olive oil from Sierra de Cádiz, from olives harvested in steep olive groves where still picked by hand. Olive trees grown in hilly areas in the Natural Park, which transmit all the smell, colour and flavour of ambient where it is obtained.

Taste and enjoy the best olive oil of the Sierra de Cádiz.

Do you want visit olive oil factory?

Our factory is adapted to receive all types of group visits and enjoy the beautiful landscape of our Sierra de Cádiz, as well as olive oil culture. We have a wide range of activities and programs prepared and we are also open to suggestions, we can organize your specific show!

Our shop

In Almazara El Manzanillo, we produce several types of products, among them our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Oleum Viride, and our Fine Tempo wine. You can also find cosmetics and other products.